Elevate Your NDIS Accommodation Experience with Freiya

Personalised Assistance with Disability Accommodation in Sydney

Discover Comprehensive and Personalized Support

Freiya stands as the leading choice for NDIS participants in Western Sydney, offering a spectrum of support services tailored to your needs. From Support Independent Living (SIL) to Short-Term Accommodation (STA) and Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA), our services empower you with skills, confidence, and independence.

Swift and Reliable Support

Expect rapid responses and seamless onboarding:

  • Urgent supports for STA can be initiated within 48 hours
  • Inquiries are addressed within 24 hours
  • Routine, wellbeing, and skills development are always promoted

For those ready for discharge for hospital, we are a registered NDIS provider offering support for both complex care and restrictive practice. We know that the transition from hospital to home is a considered journey and one that needs to happily as quickly as possible.

Holistic Accommodation Solutions

Our approach to disability accommodation transcends care:
Support Independent Living (SIL)
Choose the way you live while enjoying assistance tailored to your needs and preferences.
Short-Term Accommodation (STA)
Experience respite care with skilled professionals, providing comfort and a break from routine.
Medium-Term Accommodation (MTA)
Transition with ease as you prepare for your permanent home.

How Does Our Disability Accommodation Work

Supported Independent Living

Differentiated Excellence

Freiya’s distinctiveness lies in our commitment:

  • Reliable and consistent staff support
  • Collaborative work culture for high-quality care
  • Transparent, authentic, and feedback-responsive approach
  • Holistic support involving stakeholders for collective wellbeing
  • Empowerment beyond care, fostering independence and skills

Experience Accommodation Beyond Expectations with Freiya. Your Journey to Empowerment Begins Here.

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